• What is Everyone Talking About?

    1/21 at 1PM Learn what Social Media, VR, AR, & 3D Printing are all about!

    Basic overview and examples of topics, 21 Century makerspace Kick-off
  • Clutter VS Hoarding

    February 11th 2018 2PM

  • Blind Date with a Book

    On Chocolate Fest Day Feb. 10th at 2PM

    Grab your 3 favorite books, bring them on your tablet, or jot them down and sign up for our Chocolate Fest event! You will spend a few minutes with each person and discuss your book interest together as you rotate to meet everyone at the event! Your next BFF, mentor, or companion could be here! 
  • Loving Vincent

    January 19th 1:00PM

Mission Statement

The mission of The Osterville Village Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our community. To fulfill our mission, we rely on library staff, collections, programs and the participation of our patrons and community.