Kiddie Lit Book Club: Would you like to join a small group of parents and grandparents interested in the world of children’s book? We’ll facilitate the conversations, and find you the books/media/apps to talk about. Topics could include:
  • What makes a good children’s book?
  • What makes a good children’s app?
  • How do I write or illustrate a children’s book?

Follow this link to go to our Services page
where you'll find:
  • What should I read?
  • Which books for which ages?
  • Choosing "best books" for children and teens
  • Storybooks online
  • Not just for kids
  • Author and Illustrator websites

Are the grandchildren coming to visit?

Visit Us! We like nothing better than to see grandparents and grandchildren enjoying our Children’s Room and Makerspace together; and we’re more than happy to talk with you about good children’s books -- just ask!

Museum Passes: Plan ahead and book passes to local museums.  

GrandKits: Contact us, tell us about your grandkids, and we’ll gather up a selection of books and media, put them in a GrandKits bookbag, and have the bag ready for you to borrow.  

Are you going to see the grandchildren?

GrandKits: Ask us to create a customized GrandKit for you to take along.

Visit us! Schedule a time to learn how to put some good children’s apps on your tablet or smartphone.